Now Hiring!

The Poptropica 101 is now hiring if you want the job please comment on this post. I will pick a few people. Ask which job you would like.

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Skullduggery Out (Sort off late) and new gum

Here are the two posts:

It’s a cold day in Hades’ Kingdom

Have you ever told a friend to “Stay Cool” when you leave school for the summer? Winter Blast gum will help you keep your summer promises. You can create your own summer snow blizzard. No one will be as cool as you.

For those of you that thought that we wouldn’t get a new pop gum flavor until the Underworld freezes over, take a look in the store. This new frosty flavor will cool off those tongues that have been blowing lots of fire bubbles.

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The one and only Master Mime at 3:19 PM
I wonder if the snow storm stays. And heres the other creators blog post:

Skullduggery Island early access is available now!

Poptropica members can log on right now to play the newest Poptropica adventure, Skullduggery Island!

Build your ship. Assemble your crew. Rule the sea!

(Not a member yet? Skullduggery Island will be open to all on June 17.)

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The one and only Captain Crawfish at 9:35 AM
Well that’s it for todays post. 😀
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Welcome to Poptropica 101

Welcome to Poptropica 101! I hope you enjoy your time here 🙂

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